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Bernard Wee is an introspective daydreamer with a voracious appetite for travelling. 
He is not good with words, and thus sees photography as a creative outlet and way to let his audience see through his minds’ eyes. 


Born in Sunny Singapore, Bernard was a commercial photographer for a decade before he took the leap to further his passion as a student under the University of RMIT in Melbourne. 

Despite his humble beginnings as an assistant to various top commercial photographers in the region, his penchant for excellence has propelled him to leave the country in search of a different perspective. The world was his inspiration and he was ready to broaden his horizon and push his artistic boundaries. 


Bernard first gain recognition in 2010 when he was selected to be amongst the TOP 10 winners of Harpers Bazaars ION Fashion Awards as well as the TOP 3 in Harpers Bazaar Singapore JewelFest 2010 Awards.  


Thoughout his career, he has worked with various advertising agencies on a myriad of campaigns such as; BBDO on Singtel campaigns, DDB for RSAF campaigns, Asatsu Denki Singapore for The Ministry of Communications and Information, WEARESOCIAL for Samsung Global and CHARLES&KEITH Group.

His works were also featured and published on and various editorial magazines such as, HERWorld, EPICURE, COSMOPOLITAN, VOGUE Singapore, VOGUE Korea and #HASHTAG.


Apart from photography, Bernard is also an avid Muay Thai practitioner. To be placed in the fighting arena renders him vulnerable, yet his enjoys the thrill of the unexpected and savours every intense moment. For that same reason, he dreams of being a war photographer someday, to capture the mortality of life for eternity.

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